2 Different Ways to Use Foam

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Foam comes in a variety of types, sizes and functions to dampen noise, provide seating comfort and insulate for packing. Foam is so popular because it is relatively cheap and lightweight, giving you the freedom and comfort you desire. Foam can easily be custom made for clients ranging from big industrial manufacturers to individuals wishing to replace the seating on their couch. Here are some ways foam can be used:

Sound Dampening
Sound deadening foam is a common and cost effective way to dampen sound in your room. Common applications for sound dampening include recording studios, apartments, condominiums, home theaters, and automotive. Foam doesn’t necessarily stop sound from exiting the room, but it what is does is absorb the echo. This is incredibly important for those who are using a room to record an album.

Professional sound recording requires that no sound can bounce off any surfaces. This provides the cleanest sounding recordings possible. Recordings that have not taken advantage of sound dampening tend to appear sub-par and cheaply made. A common choice for sound dampening foam is egg crate foam over flat foam, because it has a greater surface area to absorb the sound. Sound absorption in an apartment or condo can greatly improve peace and privacy for tenants and owners. Privacy can be the number one inhibitor of choosing a particular apartment or condo, so installing sound proofing foam can improve your standards of living.

Custom Seating
There are many different types of upholstery foam in Canada that can be used in seating cushions. Open cell foam tends to be more comfortable, as closed cell foam can be compared to the feeling of sitting on a life jacket. Open cell foam has a relatively good ability to provide air circulation. So if you feel like you sweat while sitting on furniture, using a custom open cell foam mattress or cushion could be a great option for you. Memory foam doesn’t necessarily have the same air circulation quality that open cell foam does, but it is designed to give you an amazing amount of support and comfort, making it the perfect material for a mattress, pillow or mattress topper. If you own any kind of maritime vessel, using foam in your seating is probably your best option. There is a special kind of foam called Dry Fast Foam that allows water to pass right through it, allowing the seating to dry faster. Otherwise water or rain spilling into your boat would cause mold and mildew growth if the drying time was significantly longer. Using Dry Fast foam in your custom boat cushion will give you better quality.

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