3 Questions You Probably Have for Your Gynecologist

October 11, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Medical

Your gynecologist can help you out with all kinds of issues — from hormonal problems to childbirth. However, you’d probably like to know the answers to these 3 questions:

1. “What is pelvic relaxation?”
If you’ve given birth to a couple of kids — or if you’re just getting a little older — you may have noticed that sex is a little more painful or that you’re springing “leaks”. Unfortunately, both embarrassing symptoms are signs of pelvic relaxation.

Basically, pelvic relaxation is a fancy term for describing how the muscles in your pelvis have weakened. Since your muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be, they have a tougher time holding up your bladder and other important organs. As a result, they sink down into your vagina and cause problems. If the problem is bad enough, you may even be able to see a visible bulge!
As much as you may not want to talk to a doctor about these symptoms, it’s vital that you do. If left untreated, pelvic relaxation can lead to big problems — like full-blown incontinence.

2. “Should I go ahead with a vaginoplasty in Ohio?”
If you’re a little insecure about the way you look “down there”, a vaginoplasty in Ohio might be the perfect solution. Similar to cosmetic surgery on other parts of your body, you get to tell you doctor want to look like before your vaginolpasty surgery. Then, once you’re on the operating table, your doctor can sculpt and shape everything to meet your exact specifications!

Just remember — a vaginoplasty is purely cosmetic. It will change the appearance of your pubic area, and it may improve your sexual experiences. However, it will not solve any underlying medical problems.

3. “What’s the difference between a vaginoplasty and a labiaplasty?”

If you’re thinking of getting a labiaplasty in Indiana, it isn’t all that different from a vaginoplasty. Both are cosmetic surgeries, and in both cases, you can be very specific with your doctor as to what kind of finished product you want. You can even bring in a picture of you want!

Here’s the difference — when you get a labiaplasty in Indiana, the focus is solely on your labia (or, the “lips” outside of your vagina). If yours are too big, misshaped, or even two different sizes a labiaplasty can correct the problem.

You may want a labiaplasty if you never got your pre-baby body back. Or, you may want one if you’ve suffered some kind of injury. Or, you may want one simply to feel more confident. In any event, you’ll wake up with a whole new look!

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