5 Reasons Why Frameless Glass Pool Fences are the Best Choice for You

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There are many different types of pool fences out there, and you aren’t sure which to choose to enclose your beautiful new addition to your home. Below you will find the top 5 reasons to purchase, or at least consider, a frame less glass pool fence for your pool.


Unlike other fences, glass fences do not allow children to climb over them. There are no footholds or handholds for a child to use, and thus protects them from going swimming in that beautiful, crystal clear water. The spigots used in between each sheet of glass are too small to provide any leverage room for a child, and are too high for the child to attempt to use to climb over the glass. In addition to that, the glass sheets installed are extremely strong and weather resistant, and the chance of them cracking, breaking, or being pushed over by either the elements or by some other unintentional cause, is extremely improbable and highly unlikely. Thus, frame less glass pool fences are one of the safest choices for your pool and deck.

Aesthetic Appeal

Having glass framing around your pool is elegant, beautiful, and allows you to showcase the actual focal point of your backyard- your gorgeous new pool. It impresses neighbors and guests, when you give them a tour and sometimes, on occasion, having a properly maintained frame less glass pool fence can increase the value of your home. How can it get any better than that?


This type of fencing comes with many different choices for the potential client. They can chose a do-it-yourself kind of deal, by purchasing the glass sheets and the posts and installing it themselves. Or, you can have the company install the glass fence for you. Or maybe there is a certain style you are going for that requires a specific size and cut of glass- done. Most fencing companies will help create whatever you envision for your backyard. Also, the type of post between the sheets of glass is a choice that you can make- aluminum or stainless steel, depending on what you will be building this on, and which you would prefer.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Because it is glass and steel/aluminum, the care of this fence is very simple. All that is required is a light wash or scrub with non abrasive cleaners. Compared to a chain link fence or a wood fence, spraying of these glass sheets with a hose is definitely the easiest way to go when it comes to the care of your fence.

Affordable for the Quality of Work

Glass is expensive, but for the quality and beauty of owning a glass frame less pool fence, it is fairly affordable. Prices vary between locations, and are also dependent on what you are interested in. Certain spigots are cheaper than others, and the price can change with the cut of glass you choose. Also, money can be saved on making this a do-it-yourself project- something that is definitely an option.

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