A Brief Look Into Remote Desktop Management

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Remote desktop management (as the name suggests) refers to managing all the computers in a network remotely from a single location. You can simply install reliable software for managing the computers and for carrying out different functions such as generating a remote desktop report.

Remote desktop technology can lead to better team performance and project management. You can generate one or several remote desktop reports by entering the parameters and values that you want to see. These reports can be generated manually whenever you require or you can opt for scheduled reports.

Remote desktop technology is a powerful tool to access and watch over all computers in a local or wide area network. This saves a lot of time and effort that would have been spent on going physically to every computer. Now you can manage and centralize your remote connections. You can also create a synergy between different teams and collaborate on projects.

Through this type of remote management, you don’t need to remember passwords, connection settings and other credentials of each and every computer. This is because all this information is now centrally located and it can be accessed from any computer (provided you have authority). Since time and effort is saved, you can focus on the other important tasks. The solution is easy to install and use. The leveraged integrated technologies can help you manage all your tools, IT infrastructure and connections from one place. The session types can be many such as Telnet, Web, LogMeIn, TeamViewer , RDP, ICA/HDX and VNC. You can securely connect to different types of VPNs.

Remote desktop management also includes protecting your most sensitive documents and data and these may include bank account information, credit card data and financial data of the company. Script files from VBScript, SQL script and others can be grouped together. You can also create templates for simplifying all management processes. There is no need to remember all passwords since you can choose to automatically login from anywhere. You can even use the software to connect to any FTPS, SFTP and FTP site. Multiple accounts can be accessed from one machine.

Remote desktop reports can be generated from anywhere. You can even access the report data from an offline location. Use accesses can be added, managed and deleted at any time. Shared folders and files can be accessed from anywhere in addition to files located in the cloud such as Amazon S3, Drop Box, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive.

Hence you will be able to secure all connected computers on the network. Hence unauthorized people cannot get access to important data. Parameters can also be set as to which applications the computer user can access. The report can also contain information such as connection logs and activity logs of each and every computer on the network.

Adding, editing and deleting computers through the remote desktop management software is very easy. Once you have added all the computers the software will connect to each computer in a sequence and make the necessary changes in the registry.
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