Advantages of having a tax lawyer

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Having the guidance of a professional California tax attorney is important for any business or an individual who has a substantial income. The complexities of the tax laws and regulations can be difficult for a person to understand and the regular amendments to the laws only make the task even harder. In this scenario it is highly likely that mistakes will be made when filing your returns.

These mistakes can be very costly. You can make mistakes when calculating the deductions and some of these omissions can add up to a substantial amount. When having your returns prepared by a tax lawyer from San Jose, their expansive knowledge and vast experience makes them aware of all the deductions you are entitled to claim by analyzing your situation and when their services are obtained from the very beginning, especially with regard to a business, he will be able to point out things you can do in order to make certain claims.

When involved from the inception of the business, your tax attorney or lawyer will advise you on how to provide less tax liability while at the same time manipulating the tax code to ensure you only pay the least amount you have to pay and not pay unnecessary taxes. They will point out the several credits, incentives and rebates the business is entitled to. Most of these benefits are unknown to many a business persons and if not for the advice from a good tax lawyer all these benefits will be foregone without even being aware of it.

Individuals who are facing complicated situations can gain a lot from the advice of a good lawyer from the law offices of Jeffrey. B. Kahn, P.C who can assist you in preparing your returns or represent you in an IRS audit. As an individual it is vital that you file and pay your taxes accordingly as the consequences can be severe and include wage garnishment.

Therefore be wise and enlist the help of a California tax attorney and avoid running in to problems with the IRS.
Guest post provided by Kahn Tax Law:  Tax issues can have long term severe repercussions which can lead to financial ruin if not timely addressed. An experienced tax lawyer from San Jose will steer you in the right path to avoid any such complications. The law offices of Jeffrey. B. Kahn, P.C will ensure that you prevent being in any such situation.

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