Artificial Turf Grass is More Safe and Hygienic Than You Might Think

June 21, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Business

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Dogs can be a serious threat to yard health, safety and aesthetics. They can damage a natural yard by digging, chewing or peeing on your grass. Many people who have switched to artificial turf grass have been amazed at the time and money it saves for maintenance, as well as reduction of bad smells and increased health and safety for their family.

Pet urine is considered sterile, but it still leaves a nasty smell if left in the heat in your yard. “Doggie Spots” are familiar areas that turn brown and die that your dog likes to frequent while relieving himself. When it rains, these spots get muddy and slick, and you will find that the hazard for slips and falls ins dramatically increased.

Adults are more keen for watching out for these spots, but children are usually having so much fun playing, they don’t notice them. If these spots are located near concrete you can definitely see how this can affect the overall safety of your yard.

The solution to this problem is to install fake grass in your yard. You may be worried about the aesthetics of installing fake grass and have the short, plastic looking turf of a mini golf course in your mind’s eye. But synthetic grass for residences can be made to look like the real thing, so much so that you really can’t tell the difference.

On a hot and humid day, you will find that a house with a fake lawn installed gives off less moisture and is therefore more comfortable to be in than a natural lawn. Fake lawns need relatively little maintenance, and are resistant to the acidity in dog urine. With UV protection, this anti-fading material looks great while durable enough to be installed in a professional sports facility.

In fact, professional sports facilities love artificial grass because of its low maintenance costs and durability under constant use and the friction of cleats. The soft feeling of the artificial grass fibers reduce irritation, especially for those who feel itchy when sitting or playing on a natural grass lawn.

The infill of an artificial yard provides defense that the dirt under natural yard cannot provide. For instance, it is so well cushioned with recycled rubber, that these previously mentioned sports centers report that they better reduce injury by absorbing falls. Kids who accidently fall while running or from play units have a higher possibility of walking away without significant injury due to the cushioning of the infill.

Artificial grass infill is also more hygienic which is a great aspect for households with kids and dogs. Microban product reduces the effects of germs from dog waste and impedes its growth. Water can pass right with the infill into the dirt below making sure that mold and mildew do not expand and leave a disgusting odor behind. A wholesale artificial grass manufacturer can give you great factory direct deals on your purchase to keep costs down.

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