Benefits of Installing Electric Fence Gates

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Electric fences and electric fence gates are highly superior for keeping animals safely contained and trespassers out. Electric fences offer a slight shock to your livestock that comes in contact with it to discourage them from attempting to escape. This eventually discourages them from going near the fence completely keeping them in a confined space.

Likewise, predators are also conditioned in this way to steer clear of the fence, creating a larger distance between them and your livestock. Every year, electric fences save thousands of potential accidents much more efficiently than a simple wire fence that predators can chew through or crawl under. Entanglement in a barbed fence causes serious and unforgiving injury while a slight shock from an electric fence feels like an prick.

Electric fences are more economical than you might think. Installing an electric fence is usually easier than installing a traditional fence. Under normal circumstances, individuals have easily installed electric fences on their own, requiring less payment for labor. Often times, farm and ranch owners have to hire and pay extra hands to do the electric fence installation and put in all the posts correctly, which can get expensive.

It’s an added cost that can be saved by choosing a product that is more easily installed. Each post costs the buyer more money and time to install. Since electric fences require less posts, they are cheaper and easier to put together.

Electric fences are extremely durable and require relatively little maintenance. Maintenance costs are rarely ever factored in when making a purchase and result in more money spent over time, even if the initial purchase and installation was cheaper.

Using an electric fence requires less maintenance because it doesn’t take much to keep livestock away from it because of the negative reinforcement a shock gives. Their lightweight makeup makes them easily adaptable and transferable if they need to be moved or reconfigured.

Electric fences are also safe for your livestock. Barbed wire is considered far more harmful to what you are trying to protect than an electric fence. With traditional fences, animals will stay closer to it because they probably never experienced anything negative from it.

Sometimes, it becomes too late when they do. Livestock can get caught and entangled in a barbed wire fence while an electric fence only needs one shock to keep animals away.

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