Benefits of Using Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

May 28, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Construction

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Frameless glass has aesthetic and safety features that make it a top choice as a pool barrier for residences. These advanced, modern looking products include anodized aluminum frameless glass spigots, aluminum nickel coated frameless glass spigots, stainless steel round marine- grade spigot for 12mm frameless glass, stainless steel square marine-grade spigot for 12mm frameless glass, and curved frameless glass pool fences. These barriers are durable and give an unobstructed view to homeowners and visitors.

1. It looks nicer: Using metal or mesh as a boundary for your pool makes your yard look smaller and blocks your view. Using frameless glass balustrades opens up the view of your yard and gives you an unobstructed view inside and behind the pool area. Using glass as your barrier gives your home a more modern look. If you are looking to resell your house in the future, potential buyers might be more attractive to the sleek look of glass barriers. The elegant feel glass gives to your yard should contribute to the resale value of your home. Glass barriers are known for giving an illusion of space by off putting a mild reflection to those who are viewing it. Glass gives a harmonic feeling to your backyard, where metal or mesh pool barriers are a bit of an eye-sore

2. It costs less to maintain: While a frameless glass pool fence may cost more to install than a metal or mesh pool barrier, the cost of maintenance over time is less. Mesh barriers whether and tear from exposure to the elements, and metals can rust over time. Glass barriers are resistant to warping a rusting. Using glass is a great investment because upkeep costs are low. Using toughened glass makes the barrier more resistant to heat, which is a crucial concern to most homeowners in hot climates. And since most pools exist in homes that are located in hot climates, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in something that isn’t easily damaged by the sun?

3. It includes inherent safety features: What makes using frameless glass pool fencing safe? Anyone with young kids or pets knows that barriers are needed for pool safety. With a fenced pool area, children and pets are free to roam the back yard and caregivers are confident that they are safe from drowning and injury. The glass used in pool fencing is incredibly reinforced and durable, making it ideal for a barrier solution in a family home.

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