Choosing air filters for patients with asthma and other respiratory problems

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Asthma attacks can be triggered by common allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke. In the worst case scenario a severe asthma attack can even cause death. Therefore making sure that the environment and air you breathe is kept as clean as possible. Therefore choosing the best home air filter is important.

There are numerous air filters available for sale. The best known filter which removes over 90% of all particles in the air is the High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) air filter like the 3M filters which can be effectively used to purify the air. This will reduce your exposure to these allergens and reduce the frequency of the attacks.

Another effective filter is the Electrostatic air filter which creates a static charge which attracts pollutants in the air. This will remove even the smallest particle from the air before releasing it to the room. It will be a good investment to purchase an electrostatic air filter from online stores like Your Filter Connection for use in the furnace and air conditioners.

The more dust particles and other pollutants removed from the air passing through the furnace or air conditioner means the longevity of the units will be guaranteed because of there is no clogging which reduces the productivity while at the same time rapidly wasting the parts of the unit which can cause it to malfunction altogether. These filters are inexpensive and do not need replacing on a regular basis as they can be removed and washed or vacuumed to remove the particles which it has trapped and make sure it works at the peak of its efficiency.

May think that vacuuming the carpets and the floors will be sufficient to remove all the allergens and dust, but it is not possible for it to remove all the allergens which are trapped in the carpet.

A good home air filter should be fixed in the bedrooms since you spend a good part of the day there and will be most vulnerable to inhaling allergens there.
Guest post provided by Your Filter Connection: Installing the right type of air filter in your home will make vast improvements to your health. An electrostatic air filter will remove most of the allergy causing pollutants in the air making it one of the most suitable air filters to be used for asthma sufferers.

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