Controlling a Luxurious Spa Environment with a Warm Tiles Thermostat in Your Bathroom

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Guest post is provided by EZ Floor Heat, a provider of Warm Tiles Thermostat system. Visit their website for more information.

Easy Heat Warm Tiles heat the floor with up to 50% less energy that it would cost to heat your home without one. If you don’t want to install a boiler in your home like you would have to with a hot water or hydronic floor heating system, you can use an electric system like this one for tile floor heating. Tile heating with Easy Heat electric solutions means you get to control when your floor is heated with a thermostat, rather than having to spend money on heating all year round with a hyndronic system.

A hydronic system uses antifreeze through tubes with a boiler to heat your floor. Although it requires less energy to do the same job as an electric system, hydronic systems must be run all the time. If they are shut off you risk the solution becoming stagnant and acidic. This kind of acidity will damage the tubes and components of the system requiring a costly repair. So if you were to run both systems 24/7 the hydronic system would definitely be more cost effective, but since you only need to heat your bathroom floor when you’re using it, an electric system costs far less to run.

Using a thermostat for your Easy Tiles radiant floor heating gives you more comfort and control in your home. You could be waking up to a warm bathroom or kitchen in the morning. If your floor is being heated, this means that you are spending less money overall to heat your space. Instead of having warm air in your room brushing a cold floor, the air in your home is perpetually heated as long as you leave your floor heater on. A sensor in the floor is embedded to heat your floor when it falls below a comfortable level that you have set on your thermostat.

This means it runs for less time, using up less energy. Thermostats can be preprogrammed or not with a simple on and off switch. Programmable thermostats can heat your floors at the same time every day so you always have a warm floor, but not necessarily because you have heated it all day. These thermostats offer contemporary designs and displays so they fit seamlessly in with the rest of your bathroom decor. Imagine stepping out of the tub onto a warm floor even though there is a blizzard just outside your window. This is all possible with a controllable thermostat.

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