Diamond-like Custom CZ Jewelry can be Resized or Repaired

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How Ring Sizing Works with Platinum CZ rings
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A high quality cubic zirconia engagement ring is the perfect selection for that special someone. Cubic Zirconia was developed for commercial sale in the mid-70s and is considered one of the top competitors for authentic diamonds because it is so much more affordable. Unlike other synthetic diamonds that can chip or scratch over time, cubic zirconia has a rating of 8.5-9 on the hardness scale, while a diamond places at the end of the hardness range receiving a 10. Not only are cubic zirconia rings durable but they refract almost as well as a real diamond and the difference is indistinguishable without extensive analysis. The refractive index (the gem’s capability to divide a beam in to red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet shades) for a cz stone is 2.15-2.18, while a diamond reaches to a 2.42 if it is authentic.

However sometimes finding the correct ring size for your fiancĂ© can be a daunting task since jewelry stores often don’t keep different sizes of the same gold or platinum CZ ring in stock. The most standard size that you will find an engagement ring in is a size 7 because it is the size that would fit an average woman’s finger. However an expert jeweler can resize your ring to a size above or below this standard size. You might be wondering how this is possible. Shrinking a ring size may be intuitive but expanding it requires more explanation. For an expert craftsman, shrinking or expanding from the standard ring size is a fairly simple task

For larger rings, your jeweler can make a precision cut at its base, also called the shank of the ring. This way, the side containing the gemstone is not compromised. A jeweler can then heat the ring at a malleable temperature and fuse another piece of the original material with the same quality as the rest of the material in the band of the ring. A mandrel is used to ensure that the circumference of the ring is of proper length. You won’t be able to tell where the ring was fused together because the jeweler will polish the ring seamlessly at the connection points of the new material.

For smaller ring sizing, the jeweler will instead cut out a piece of the original material and seal up the remaining ends together. The jeweler again uses a mandrel to ensure proper sizes and will polish the ring to make it flawless. A professional knows how to resize a ring without compromising its integrity and durability. In extreme cases where, for example, a size 5 ring needs to be stretched to a size 9, this process no longer works.

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