Enjoy warm cozy winters with under floor heating

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Are you dreading the winter months and having to walk in to a freezing cold bathroom and kitchen early morning when it is snowing outside? The mere thought of it will make many of us cringe. But not anymore, floor heating systems provide warm floors for you to step on to as well as giving the whole room luxurious warmth.

What exactly is under floor heating and how does it work?
It involves the laying of heat conducting mats with coils that are warmed by electricity under the flooring in your house. It can be laid under any type of flooring but works best with tile or ceramic floors which are good conductors of heat while a carpet floor will not conduct heat so well. When the coils are warmed the heat which it generates will warm the floor and the warmth that arises will warm everything in its path from the floor upwards.

Therefore in addition to your feet touching the heated floor, the under floor heating system will warm the lower part of the room where you are, compared to a forced air system where the warm air comes from the top and the lower levels will not be as warm. Therefore you will feel warmer in a room with heated floors at lower temperature than you would in a room with forced air heating having a higher temperature.

The room warming from the heat rising from the floor means all the furniture in the room will also be enveloped in that warmth to make you feel even more warm and comfortable.

This means that you need not have to set the room temperature at a high level to feel comfortable which means you can save considerably on your electricity bill as well.
You no longer have to walk in to a cold house after work, the Easy Heat Warm Tiles thermostats make it possible for you to set a timer to have the floor heated when you need it.

At EZ Floor Heat you can choose from a selection of floor heating systems available and add a programmable thermostat to it as well.
Guest post provided by EZ Floor Heat:  Installing an under floor heating with a thermostat from Easy Heat gives you the benefit of maintaining a constant temperature in the house whenever you are there to ensure you are comfortable while in addition reducing your energy consumption as well.

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