Furnace filters can reduce indoor air pollution

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In fact it is estimated that the indoor air pollution can be more than the pollution outside, raising many questions regarding how to keep the indoor air quality at a high level. Replacing air filters at timely intervals will make it possible to have pure air in the room.

Filters in heaters and air conditioners trap the dust particles and send only the clean air in to the room. If the filters in the furnace are not checked and changed regularly it can cause the filters to get clogged with dust and other impurities and thereby interrupting the filtering process. The replacement of the furnace filter will ensure that clean air is circulated in the house.

One of the main concerns about not replacing the furnace air filter is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This occurs when the clogged filter restricts the air flow which causes the temperature in the heat exchanger to rise and cause cracks in it. The air leaking out of it then mixes with other gases outside and forms in to the deadly carbon monoxide which is then circulated in the house where unsuspecting occupants inhale it. The inhalation can cause severe respiratory problems and the prolonged exposure can cause death.

Therefore getting a replacement with a Honeywell air filter which has been in use for many years with good results will ensure pure air in the house.

There are several types of air filters available in the market; these include the HEPA filters, electrostatic filters, panel filters and so on. You can view the selection of filters available at Your Filter Connection and decide on the best choice of filter for you.

The filters that are capable of filtering both large and small particles of dirt will be the choice to make, especially if there are vulnerable persons in the house like children and older people who are more likely to be affected by the air pollution.
Guest post provided by Your Filter Connection:  If you want to keep the air in the house clean and free from particles such as dust, pet dander, mold, pollen and other similar substances you should immediately check on the filters and if they are clogged do a replacement with a Honeywell air filter immediately.

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