Health Benefits of Using Shapers

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Everyone knows that wearing a shaper aesthetically smoothes out your figure. All shapes are gorgeous, and just like makeup, a shaper is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your figure. But did you know that wearing a shaper has health benefits as well? Studies have shown that wearing shapers encourage weight loss, support your back, retain a pre-pregnancy shape and add to your confidence and happiness. Buying shapewear wholesale or on an individual basis provides you with an effective way to maintain your figure.

Often times body shapers help you lose weight by the way it is designed. The University of Virginia conducted a study that observed women who wore shaper garments while exercising. The results concluded that those who wore the shapers actually burned more calories than those who didn’t! When you wear a shaper while working out, your muscles need to work harder than they would if you were letting them move freely. Whether you’re wearing an Ann Chery or Cocoon shapewear, you’re bound to find better weight loss results when you exercise.

Some of us need a little more support for our backs. Instead of buying a bulky back saver from a home improvement store, the sleek and discreet shapers for women are designed to hide undetected under clothing. Shapers are offered in black, beige, tan and white to match skin colors. The material is so thin and comfortable you will hardly notice it’s there. While sitting in the office in front of the computer or standing all day in front of a class, these shapers help take the strain off your back and improve your posture. Your stomach and back muscles will be better supported and improve blood circulation.

Standing up straight will make you look and feel more confident, pulling your shoulders back and tucking your hips under your spine. Having more space in your lungs to breathe will help your body look and feel great.
Women who have just had children benefit immensely from shapers. Women who have had C-sections are highly encouraged to keep their bellies restricted while healing.

When you wear a shaper whether you had a C-section or natural birth, keeping your skin contracted helps it shrink again. Without a shaper you could have a “tummy apron” that is extremely hard to get rid of no matter how much you exercise. You will find that wearing a shaper puts less stress on tissues, conserves elasticity and helps you recover faster. Lighter and more elastic shapers can also provide support to your tummy during the pregnancy stage and makes walking while with child easier on your body.

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