How to add space to a store by using the right store fixtures

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You can increase the profits from your business by reducing the square footage you have to rent to operate your retail store and thereby reducing the rent and other overheads such as electricity costs which depend on the floor space. The reduction in space should not compromise the amount of merchandise that is sold or the manner in which they are displayed. The solution lies in selecting the right store fixtures to meet these requirements.

Gridwalls or slatwalls can be installed to make use of the vertical wall space in the store productively. Select the right accessories and fixtures required to properly and safely display the merchandise. At Display Warehouse, the team of experts will provide an interior layout plan which will both maximize the available space as well as working out the most feasible and strategic layout based on customer behavior patterns which can increase the sales volumes.

The countertops can be put into good use by using countertop displays which can display your wares to potential buyers while depending on the type of display you select you can increase the available space as well. This is possible by selecting display units which have several levels. These retail store supplies can be purchased from Display Warehouse which has a wide selection of store fixtures for sale.

Whether you are operating a convenience store or a clothing store or a book store, it is a good idea to have some greeting card racks placed. Everyone will at some point want to purchase greeting cards and it is convenient for them to purchase it from the clothing store they just visited. You can select a small countertop rack or a larger free standing one depending on the space available within the store.

In a clothing store the use of clothing racks will make it possible to hang a lot of clothing items. The customers can browse through all the merchandise available. But care should be taken not to overcrowd the racks with the clothes on hangers and not to set up too many racks in the store since many customers will not be immediately drawn in to a messy store.
Guest post provided by Display Warehouse: The various designs of store fixtures available today make it possible to maximize on the limited and expensive shop space you have. These fixtures make it possible for you to diversify and sell more items in the store such as books and cards by placing greeting card racks in the space available.

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