How to Buy Refurbished Golf Course Equipment

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Maintaining a superior golf course requires the right equipment. And not just any equipment. Only the best equipment on the market with high-performance features will improve your golf course from tee to green. But with hefty labor costs and other expenses, it is worth investing in refurbished golf products and equipment, such as a green mower or tractor.

Ideally, refurbished golf products and equipment are supposed to look and run “like new.” Unlike used equipment that might undergo a mere inspection, refurbished equipment gets taken apart and rebuilt by trained technicians. For this reason, it’s important to purchase refurbished golf course equipment from a reputable retailer, one with a reliable refurbishing process you can trust — otherwise you’re wasting your precious time and money.

If you’re in the market for refurbished turf equipment such as a turf sweeper or green roller follow these easy steps to learn how to get your money’s worth.

Does it pass the disassemble test? As mentioned above, a refurbished mower or turf sweeper is one that has been completely taken apart down to the frame and engine; this includes the seats, wheels, body panels, and covers. The purpose of this complete breakdown is so that the technicians can inspect each and every part for faults or unreasonable wear and tear.

A genuine refurbishing process includes the inspection of the engine, electrical system, operation parts, transmission, hydraulic system, and cutting units. According to Global Turf Equipment, a proper refurbished machine should come with a 90 percent of better tire life, 90 percent or better bedknife life, 60 percent or better reel life, and brand new rotary blades.

After the parts are inspected and repaired or replaced, the technicians will meticulously rebuild the mower or sweeper and service the machine with new engine fluids and filters. Finally, the greenskeeping equipment is thoroughly tested before going back on the market again.

Does it resemble a new machine? While an authentic refurbishing process involves inspecting the interior of the machine, it should also include the exterior. In other words, a properly refurbished machine should have new paint, grip tape, and decals if needed. In some cases, it might even feature a new body, seat, hood, or grill.

Do you recognize the manufacturer? When it comes to golf course equipment and products, only the leading manufacturers make the cut. We recommend Jacobsen, Toro, Cushman, Club Car, and John Deere — just a few of our favorites.

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