How to Display Merchandise While Making Use of Vertical Space

May 28, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Manufacturing

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Sometimes, store owners have so much to sell that circular and straight arm clothing racks can’t do the job. Crowding merchandise on racks and in glass displays is a sure fire way to get customers to leave your store without buying anything. A common annoyance to customers that you can avoid is to have enough space to store everything you sell. Customers don’t want to exert the effort to force through tightly packed clothing racks or to pick up clothes off the floor that fall off when they try and find larger sizes behind. They probably won’t pick up the clothes they drop, so having a crowded store will probably make it messier as the day goes on as well.

Using racks on the walls helps you make use of vertical space and ultimately makes your store look cleaner. Consider also the benefit that your customers can see more merchandise at once when they walk in, increasing the chances that they will find something they like. Having an adequate supply of long rods that can be used to remove pieces of clothing from high on the racks is equally important. You can use hooks that attach on these wall fixtures to utilize hangers to display clothing or other merchandise. Another option is to use shelving to store your items. Tall shelves look best against a wall while shorter shelves work nicely if you need to use them in the middle of the store on in front of a store window. l
There are a few different choices you can use when choosing a way to display your merchandise on a wall. Gridwalls are wire racks that can stand on their own or be fastened securely to the wall. They consist of wire square that you can hang bins, racks and pegs for easy access to your products. A great benefit of using gridwalls is that they can easily be removed. Also, how you display your merchandise can easily be changed with minimal effort.

Gridwalls work really well with edgy or economical stores, but if you plan to utilize space in a more up-scale environment, a slatwall gives a nicer feel to your store. Slat walls can be made of wood, laminate or aluminum. They can be painted in a variety of colors to fit the feel of your store. They consist of rows of grooves that you can insert hooks, bins, pegs and other storage items, just like a gridwall.

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