How to select the best sunless tanning equipment for your business

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The most significant part of your tanning business would be the sunless tanning equipment you purchase and considering the amount of money you will be investing, it is important that you know about the equipment that you need to purchase and finding a reliable store to purchase them from.
Here is a look at the sunless spray tan equipment you will need to have:

Airbrush spray tan equipment or HVLP turbine tan system?
The decision on which one of these you should purchase will depend on what your business is and what purposes the equipment is needed for. The HVLP system is easy to use since it is pre adjusted and spray tanning can be done very fast. Airbrush equipment will be slower to use but will be more useful when tanning smaller areas of the body such as the face and can be used to define muscles and give a more detailed look.

Airbrush spray tan equipment works on high pressure and as a result there is more over spray involved than HVLP system and airbrush equipment will be a lot less noisy than using a turbine.

HVLP can only be used for tanning whereas airbrush equipment can also be used for nail art, tattoos and makeup. Therefore airbrush equipment gives wider scope for your business.

The initial cost for airbrush spray tan equipment will be less than the cost of an HVLP system
Tanning solution
Sunless tanning cannot be done without sunless tanning solution. The active ingredient DHA is derived from plants and is safe to use. When sprayed on the body, the DHA reacts with the proteins on your skin and darkens the color on the top layer of the skin and does not penetrate to the deeper layers. The color will peel away as the top layer of the skin goes through its exfoliation process.

There are different types of tanning solutions for different skin types as well as different shades. It is advisable to have ones for the different skin types and a few shades available to cater to different customer requirements. At Artesian Tan you can select from a wide range of sunless tanning solution including organic tanning solutions.

A pop up tent
It is advisable to get a pop up tent in black to prevent the overspray going all over.
There other items like towels, disposable bras and g strings and disposable slippers that you need to have. All this is available at Artesian Tan where you can be guaranteed the best quality products.

Guest Post provided by Artesian Tan: Do your research and you will not have to spend a fortune on getting good quality sunless tanning equipment that will make your tanning business a success.

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