Low Calorie Alcohol Recipes

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You may think that just because you are on a diet that you have to sacrifice alcohol.  Well you don’t.  It is a fact that many alcoholic drinks are high in calories, but there are some that are very low in calories.  And it is not just limited to one type of drink.  You can choose from beer, wine spirits or mixed cocktails.  The best tip I can give you for a healthy diet is to locate a few protein shake recipes for the morning.  These will boost your metabolism, help with the fat loss and fill you up so you are not hungry.  In the evening or weekend, low calorie alcoholic drinks are the answer.

Having a delicious low calorie drink can be as easy as switching what you are currently drinking.  For instance, if you love to drink Long Island Iced Teas, then you are drinking 700 plus calories per glass.  Replace that with a yummy Cosmopolitan are you have just cut 550 calories in one single drink.  Do the math but those is pretty cut and dry to me.  If you enjoy Pina Coladas at 625 calories or Margaritas at 500 calories, replace it with a 160 calorie Mojito or a 150 calorie Bloody Mary. 

Here is a recipe for a great low calorie drink at 68 calories per glass.  It is called Golden Sparklers.  The ingredients are 12 lemon slices, 3 cups of chilled orange juice, 3 cups of chilled apricot nectar, 2 cups of ice cubes and a bottle of champagne.  To make it, place a slice of lemon in each block on an ice cube tray.  Then fill the tray with water and freeze for about 4 hours.  Add the ice to a punch bowl and pour the orange juice and nectar over the ice.  Add the champagne and serve chilled.

The next morning, help your recovery along by having some Potassium rich foods to aid in replenishing those lost electrolytes. You will thank yourself later, though it might be hard to stomach something like a protein shake with bananas and milk in the morning. If you can manage it, try one of the many protein shake recipes at myproteinshakerecipes.us.

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