Surmounting Your Food Product Challenges

May 23, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Goods and Services

One of the biggest challenges of creating food products for a mass consumer market is establishing the manufacturing and packaging processes that will result in the least spoilage possible. Causes of spoilage are varied, and as a food product maker, you’ll have to sort out which spoilage factors your product is susceptible to and root out their causes. Without taking the measures needed to ensure that your food product will not be the source of food-borne illness, you simply cannot sell your product or expect to make a buck, if even that.

As any food producer or seller you speak to will tell you, shoppers are picky. Certainly, that’s their right and prerogative. It’s their own money that they’re handing over, after all, in exchange for your sweet, salty, or purposely bland comestibles. Moreover, they have seemingly limitless choice. Your competitors and folks not even on your radar, yet, are also vying for the attention and cash of your would-be shoppers. The market is an intense and relentless place — you can’t afford to have any matters in disorder, most especially those related to food safety.

Another given: the burden to entice shoppers to buy rests squarely on your shoulders. Consumer persuasion is one key element you must contend with effectively during the development stages of your food product. A great product, if not appropriately presented and marketed to consumers, is one that is quickly ignored and forgotten. You must get your food product out there and give it the visibility it needs.

What product characteristics will you choose to highlight in your marketing materials, and on what criteria will you select them? To answer these very important questions, you’ll have to conduct some market research. But are you prepared to do this on your own? Unless you’re a natural marketing maven, consulting with market research professionals can yield big benefits for your product and for you, moneywise. Remember, as the creator of an edible consumer product, you have to make your comestibles not just delicious or palatable, but also purchasable is the most convenient way possible. Market research professionals help you accomplish those aims.

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