The importance of properly maintaining your heater filters

June 26, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Construction

With the approach of winter it is very important to make sure that your heater filters are checked and duly replaced in order to make sure that your furnace is in good working condition. Though this is one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a furnace it is also the most important thing to be done.

Not attending to the replacement of furnace filters on time can harm the quality of the air in your home and this can especially have adverse effects on persons suffering from asthma and any other allergic conditions. The replacement with a Honeywell air filter will trap even very small particles of dust and other allergens in the air to give relief to such people.

A clean filter will make sure that the air passes through it without any resistance. This will prevent it having to work more to force air through it and to maintain the required temperature. Not only does this use up more energy resulting in higher energy bills but also places unnecessary stress on the furnace itself and increases the chances of there being a breakdown in the heating system, which can prove to be very costly to repair as well as having to go through not having heating until such repair is done. Therefore your heater filters should be checked at least once every month.

Regular replacement with a Honeywell air filter can also reduce the fire risk which arises with clogged heater filters which have flammable material trapped in them. When heated to high temperatures they will ignite and cause a fire. The smoke from this can spread through the duct system and can have catastrophic results to the occupants.

Another health hazard arising from clogged furnace filters is the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning which occur when the air flowing through the filter is restricted resulting in the temperature rising in the heat exchanger which can crack as a result and the gases mix to create deadly Carbon Monoxide, the inhalation of which can lead to death. Getting replacement furnace filters from Your Filter Connection can potentially save your life.

In addition to regularly checking and replacing or cleaning your filters make sure to get a professional to come and look at your heating system to eliminate any potential risks and ensure that it is functioning efficiently before the beginning of every winter.

At Your Filter Connection you can select from a range of high quality filters to enjoy the winter months in comfort without exposing your family to the risks.

Guest Post provided by Your Filter Connection:  Do not fail to replace your furnace filters on time; this simple task can make a big difference to the way your furnace functions.

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