The NWSL Stocks Up on Their Soccer Supply for Their First Season

June 26, 2013 | Author: | Posted in sports

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Girls who consider themselves soccer fanatics are especially excited about the coming National Women’s Soccer League. They will be tuning in over the internet in their soccer uniforms after a game to watch the latest of the four games that will be on for this first season. For the past twelve years failed leagues such as the Women’s United Soccer League in 2001 and the Women’s Professional Soccer in 2010 both only lasted three seasons, disappointing eager fans all over the country.

Girls are dying for a great professional women’s only soccer team to look up to, as the current United States Soccer Federation is dominated by men. It is rumored that the NWSL is only interested in recruiting natives to North America and perhaps a few others oversees. Investing in big international stars is not on the United States Soccer Federation’s agenda, which leaves room for up and coming players to play in a national league.

The interesting part about this particular round of league games is that they are including players from Mexico and Canada to spread costs. Financial troubles are most likely the cause of failure for the previous two attempts at forming a league. Budgeting for a national league is expensive and includes everything from practice space rentals to everyday soccer supply like balls and uniforms.

The United States will be paying for most of the start player salaries, while Mexico and Canada will be picking up the rest. There will be a total of eight teams this time around with 20 players on each roster. Although 5 of the eight teams had previously participated in the WPS over the last few years, three of the teams are brand new and ready for recruitment of new blood.

The new coaches have their eyes set to the next World Cup and have a desire to use these games to give North American women the chance to succeed against the rest of the world at an international level. The United States Soccer League was haphazardly trained in camps for last year’s Olympics, while European countries had the luxury of a strong history of domestic leagues for practice.

Mexico has also found difficulty achieving success in the World Cup over the last 12 years, and will benefit greatly from this new alliance. Players all say that the different styles of soccer played in all countries will push each other to be better prepared for the coming Olympics and World Cup.

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