Things to Think About Before Setting Up a Merchant Account for Internet Credit Card Processing

June 21, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Finance

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Having the ability to accept credit cards for businesses is incredibly important in this increasingly wireless market. The smart phone, tablet, and other mobile devices. People expect an electronic gateway to quickly and easily access the stores that they love. The most recent and popular form is in the simple interface of a mobile app, which gives consumers instant access to stores wherever they are.

People like to browse through stores while they wait for food or commute on public transportation. These easy to use credit card applications are necessary to appease your online market of customers. In fact if they browse your page for six seconds and don’t find something they like, they usually leave. That is an incredibly short window to get your customer’s attention.

The data supports this growing trend of online shopping. According to Forrester online, $231 billion dollars of purchases were made through the internet in 2012. In five years, many experts believe that this number will reach $370 billon, an amazing 160% increase in ecommerce sales. So if you haven’t set up an online store that accepts credit cards, you may be losing potential customers to your competitors.

Even long time customers after a while will choose to shop where it is most convenient for them. Increased methods of organic marketing by word-of-mouth exist on Yelp, Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and Google reviews. This supports the ever growing online dominance of shopping behavior. Without a terminal to process these credit cards in your online web store, your customers may shy away to a place more convenient.

A free credit card terminal can help get you started if you are attempting a hybrid of an online and physical store called a “brick and click”. This even includes a payment jack that swipes credit cards that you can use on your smart phone. This kind of technology, like a free credit card terminal, helps business give their customers easy access when they visit their store.

Wireless processing combined with ecommerce and retail merchant services make for a quality credit card service that can hardly be rivaled by anyone else. You will want to find a credit card company that offers applications for free without a fee because it may take a few times before you find the right place. Most places charge you to buy or lease equipment for credit cards but some companies in particular allow you to use them for free. Any way to cut costs when you are running a business means more profits for you.

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