Use Jib Cranes to Lift Medium Sized Loads Off Edges

June 25, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Construction

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Jib cranes, noticeable by their “L” shape, is a kind of crane that can do many different jobs. The hoist attached to the jib crane can lift hundreds of pounds more than any worker could by themselves. Where some cranes and trolleys give maximum support by being mounted to the wall, jibs give you the freedom and mobility to mount it anywhere.

Jibs most certainly can still be wall-mounted, but their true potential lies in the ability to be mounted perpendicular to the ground. The vertical beam can rotate a full 360 degrees allowing for a full reach to all areas around it. Sometimes there are no beams to clamp a hoist to, so a jib crane does the trick.

Industrial and military settings benefit the most from jib cranes, as places like ports and rail yards need something a bit larger to handle their loads. Even so, this sturdy piece of equipment can handle an amazing amount of weight, and is much more secure than portable hoists. Industries dealing with very sensitive loads can benefit from the confidence of using a jib crane. Crane distributors can offer trusted brands like the Abell Howe Crane and the Dayton Jib Crane.

These cranes tend to be relatively small compared to other types of cranes and are best used in industrial settings. Jib cranes are usually places off of the edge of something. Loads are lifted and then lowered down onto a different location. They are recognized by a crucial lateral piece called a “jib” or “boom”.

A hoist is attached to the end of the boom for lifting loads. The vertical shaft of the crane is called the I-beam, and it can be secured onto a wall or to the floor. They can be situated on the edge of docks and be used to lower crates onto ships.

The most recommended type of hoist to use on a jib crane may be the electric hoist. Although pneumatic hoists are better for extremely large and heavy loads, electric is well suited for medium sized jobs. The advantage of using an electric crane over a manual crane is that it is much safer to use.

An electric crane can be operated by remote that is either attached by a cord or completely wireless altogether. This increased safety can reduce inherent risks involved in operating heavy machinery. Lifting and lowering can be achieved by the touch of a button.

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