Ways to maximize retail display space

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With the limited space available one needs to be very creative as well as knowledgeable about the various store fixtures available in order to maximize the space available and display as many merchandise as possible. Here we will take a look at some of the options available to enhance the look of your store while adding more space.

A gridwall is a wire display system used in retail stores which can attach a multitude of hooks, shelves, brackets and baskets. These can be attached to the wall or used free standing or mounted on wheels for portability.
These are popular because they add space to the store where you can even make use of the walls by attaching it to the wall and you can then use hooks, shelves and racks to display the items.

By hanging items such as clothing on a gridwall will give clear visibility to the customers rather than hanging those on a clothes rack which will keep them hidden from direct view. They can also be a handy way to display shoes utilizing the wall.

Countertop displays
It is likely that you will have countertop space available in your store which you will no doubt use to store and display items. But if you purchase countertop displays you can add even more space to the store. These store fixtures are available in different sizes and have several levels which double or treble the original countertop space available. If you have a clothing store these countertop displays can be used to display small items such as jewelry and sunglasses.

If you operate a convenience store consider placing a countertop display unit near the cash register with items like candy bars and other such items, the sight of which will prompt the customer to pick it up for purchase.

A countertop in a very busy store can be used to place promotional material such as brochures by placing a brochure display holder on the counter near the entrance to the store so that customers will be aware of special promotions and will want to inquire more about them.
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Using wire racks which have rotating racks will give you even more space since the items can be stored all around it and customers can look at the items by rotating the rack.
While you should try to maximize the available space, you should keep in mind that you should not clutter the store with too many store fixtures which will create an unappealing look to customers.

You can get more advice on planning the store layout by speaking to the professionals at Display Warehouse who will prepare a floor plan for you.

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