What you need to know about purchasing spray tanning equipment.

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Having the perfect tan is now a possibility without having to expose yourself to the risk of developing deadly skin cancer which is affecting millions every year. Spray tanning is a safe and very effective way to achieve the golden glow you long to have. In order to achieve the best results it is important for you to know about the sunless tanning equipment and products you need to purchase. Here is a look at the basic products you need to have:

Spray tanning guns

You should make the purchase depending on the purpose the gun is needed for. A startup airbrush tanning kit for home use can be purchased for home use or you will need a light weigh portable one if you intend to use it for a mobile spray tan business. The HVLP spray tanning equipment can be used for a spray tan salon.

Spray tanning solution

The advanced formulas used in the new spray tanning solutions have no impact on one’s health as the main ingredient used which is DHA is derived from glycerin or plant sources such as sugar cane and beets, and when applied it reacts with the amino acids on the topmost layer of skin which causes the skin to darken.

Spray tan solutions are available indifferent shades which allows you to choose the exact shade of tan you would like. There are also different types of solution to suit different skin types and the right one should be selected for best results.

If you are operating a tanning business it is advisable that you have tanning solutions in different shades and to suit several skin types in order to meet the needs of your clients. At Artesian Tan you have the choice of selecting from some of the best tanning solutions available in the market today.

A tanning booth

Spray tanning involves a lot of overspray which can spray on everything nearby and create a mess. This can be avoided by using a spray tan tent. A pop up tent which is easily transportable and assembled is a good choice for a mobile spray tan business.

Disposable items

Disposable hair caps, eye protection, nose filters and underwear are necessary to protect yourself and your clients.
Guest post provided by Artesian Tan: Have a yearlong tan irrespective of the season with no long term effects on your health with sunless tanning equipment. The spray tan solution will give you the perfect tan in the shade you like and suit you best.

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