Why you should replace the air filters in your house regularly

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We all know the importance of regularly checking on the air filters to ensure that they are functioning efficiently. This is all the more important as the last thing you need is for the furnace to stop in the middle of winter or the air conditioning to give up on you on the hottest day of the year. You will not have to be in that unfortunate situation if you carry out the regular maintenance of your residential air filter.

One of the main reasons for HVAC system failure is a dirty filter. The clogged filter which restricts the air flow which causes the motor to run overtime and cause added stress on the motor and when this happens over a period of time it causes the motor to breakdown. Replace your air conditioner filters with a 3M filter and you can safeguard the HVAC system, the replacement of which or even the repair of which is very costly.

The motor requiring to work harder and longer means that the system is consuming more energy resulting in higher energy bills and the replacement of the filter will immediately reduce it.

A dirty residential air filter will not provide you with the clean and pure air you intended it to provide you with; instead you will be breathing in all the allergens as well as viruses and bacteria which can make the occupants sick. It will mostly affect persons suffering from allergies as well as children and the elderly. In fact if your family members have being getting sick frequently it is good idea to get the filters checked as it is very likely responsible for the constant ill health.

One should also be concerned about the threat of fire and Carbon Monoxide poisoning when using dirty furnace filters that can even cause death. These can all happen as a result of the blocked airflow which make the motor work more and cause it to heat up more than normal.

As the unclean air travels through the ducts, the particles settle on the ducts which cause them to get damaged. Replacing the filter with a new 3M filter from Your Filter Connection is a lot cheaper than repairing or replacing the duct system.

When replacing your filters it is important for you to know the different types of filters available, and get the right sized filter to match your HVAC system. There are different types of filters including the electrostatic filters, Filtrete filters, HEPA and many more which are available at Your Filter Connection.

Guest Post provided by Your Filter Connection The simple task of replacing your air conditioner filters regularly can save you money and give you good health in the long run.

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